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Thrift Store Ministry

​So... You Want to Have a Thrift Store Ministry



​​You Too May Have a Story...



For 20 years of operation, our Thrift Store Ministry has many experiences to look back on.  There are numerous reasons to praise God as we continue with our purpose – That we as His agents encourage all who enter to continue learning to allow God to create His character in them.

The Story

In 1998, the need arose to move the Community Services out of the church building to make space for other projects.  With the vision of two Pastors, renovation began on a 35,000 square foot building that had been vacant for ten years.  We opened our doors for business on February 8, 1999, after months of dedicated hard work by many.  Some said, “You will never be able to fill that much space.”  Those who were there can testify that “filling it up” was not a problem. God provided in abundance, from sofas to refrigerators, computers to hardware, to loads of clothes.


As it became clear that full time staffing was needed, expenses increased and lessons were learned.  One of which was, the more we give, the more God blesses.  In the summer of 2001 when business was slow and finances very short, it was decided to give to the church.  From a human point of view, that seemed impossible. However, true to His word, God blessed.  Week after week, month after month, every time a bill was due, there were funds available. 

The store building we were in had been vacant many years. The roof required much patching only to finally prove it needed major repair.  Therefore, we decided to look at relocating.  The stories of how God worked at this time, are many.  In 2003, through His leading, we moved to the plaza next door, as well as opened a second store in a neighboring town. 







Called to Give

We have continued to learn that our mission is to give.  God has flowed blessings through the stores to the church.


Our next big move came in 2012, to a larger space in the same plaza. We continue to experience God's blessings each day as we allow Him to shine His love through us.


God has enabled us to be a “comforter” to those in our community who are hurting.  Whether needs occur due to house fire, domestic abuse or “just down on their luck,” we are able to provide assistance with home furnishings, kitchen utensils, clothing, bedding and linen.


Besides sales, God has been able to flow over five million dollars worth of merchandise and food through us in the past 16 years.


        2010 - $464,363

             2011 - $502,738

                 2012 - $493,756

                        2013 - $545,670

                            2014 - $555,706

                                    2015 - $579,879

                                   Praise God!


Called to Minister

What is given can be tracked and a dollar figure recorded. However, that which has a more far reaching impact, is the serenity that harried souls find in this haven of peace.  Upon return visits, customers often tell us how much they enjoy the calm atmosphere of our store.  Some say they are back just because they need to hear a genuine greeting.  It is not uncommon to be called aside by a customer who will share a burden because they have learned they will find an understanding and sympathetic ear.  And most importantly, someone who will pray with them and point them to the Only Solution to this world and it’s troubles.







Opportunities for Service

God has led many individuals to give of themselves to bless this ministry.  This tangible way of reaching out to others and being Jesus’ hands here on earth, is having a positive effect on the lives of all who give of their time.


We invite you to get acquainted with what we do on a first hand basis.  Opportunities to serve, range from cashier, to electrical, clothes department, sorting and pricing, to name a few.  As you commune with God, He may call you to be a part of the Thrift Store Ministry family, and in this setting, also experience God’s work in your life as you serve those around you.

The Story Continues

We are thankful for your prayers and God's abiding presence, as He creates in our hearts His character of love and compassion.  We praise Him for His ability to shine through us, drawing others to His everlasting peace.  Now, write your own story!

.....Here is How!

Thrift Store Manual

Table of Contents



2.  Our Story        

3.  Reasons It May Be God’s Will            

4.  Direction Given God’s Church Regarding Ministry        

5.  Purpose / Mission        

         LCM Purpose and Goals

6.  Lessons God is Teaching Us

     A. A New Heart

     B. God’s Agents

     C. Channels of Blessings

     D. Disinterested Giving – How Selfish We Really Are

     E. Dispensing Mercy

     F. Success by God’s Standard

     G. Faith / Trust in God

     H. Walking in God’s Will


7.  Start up Guide


Form a Board

      Multiple Church Sponsorship



Negotiating the Lease





Store Layout

Administrative List

Setting Store Layout


Final Inspections

Open for Business

Check List


8. Administrative Steps

Name Ministry


Legal Entity

Fictitious Name


Tax Exempt

Occupational Licenses

Sales Tax

Bank Account



Food Pantry

Pick-Up & Delivery


Train Personnel

Fixtures, Supplies and Equipment

Credit Card Acceptance

Cash Register, Programming

Hours of Operation

Open for Business

Check List


9.  Operational Procedures


Occupational Licenses

Tangible Property Tax



Board Meetings

Church Involvement


Prayer Book / Worship

Client Assistance

Donation Tracking

Receiving Donations





      Declining Donations

Forms & Tags



      Items to Discard

      Inventory Control




Window Display

Tax Deductible Donations


10. Departments

       A. Accounting

       B. Floor Manager

       C. Pick Up & Delivery

       D. Register

       E. Clothes

            a. Sorting

            b. Tagging

            c. Boutique

F.   Household / Kitchen

G.  Furniture / Large Items

H.  Personal

I.    Linens

J.    Toys

K.   Holiday Items

L.   Books

M.  Electrical

N.  Computers

O.   Office / Lawn & Sport / Medical / Miscellaneous


11.  Client Assistance

12.  Customer Loyalty

13.  Negotiating – Selling

14.  Working Together

15.  Leadership Responsibilities

16.  Department Manager Responsibilities

17.  Appreciation and Guidelines - Management

18.  Community Service

19.  Social Services

20.  Spiritual Outreach

21.  Appendix 1 – Volunteer Appreciation Guidelines

22.  Appendix 2 – Volunteer Handbook

23.  Appendix 3 – Employee Handbook

24.  Appendix 4 – Item Pricing

25.  Appendix 5 – CUSTOMER COMMENTS

26.  Appendix 6 – SUPPORTING QUOTES

27.  Appendix 7 – Recommended Reading

28.  Appendix 8 –  Conference Unemployment Benefit    Response Letter

29.  Appendix 9 – Forms, Files – Directory

30.  Last Page

If this was helpful, please

                                              God Loves You!


But now, O LORD, thou art our Father; we are the clay, and Thou our Potter; and we all are the work of Thy hand. Isa_64:8


"I created you as a jar of clay, set apart for sacred use.  I want you to be filled with My very Being, permeated through and through with Peace"  - Sarah Young, 2004, Jesus Calling

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